Sunday, January 10, 2010

D 27 - Janette Chilver - Spirals and 12" Squircle

I have had my Lenni and the circle lord for about two weeks now, and this is my first "real" quilt using a longarm machine set up. I really enjoyed piecing it and quilting it and am really pleased with the overall effect. I wanted fairly light quilting so that it was soft and cozy for snuggling under on these cold evenings. I used the swirls template, alternating between rows, and the 12" squircle for the circles between the swirls. I used gold glide thread on the top and superior so fine in the bobbin.

Quilter - Janette Chilver
Piecer - Janette Chilver
Pattern & Designer - Janette Chilver (inspired by a similar design with hexagon shape borders in a magazine from my stash - sorry can't remember which one)
Size 59" x 62"
Circle lord templates used: Spirals and 12" squircle.