Saturday, March 6, 2010

G 214 - Carmen - Shaggy Chenille Swirls Jacket

Shaggy Chenille Swirls Jacket

I did an interesting experiment with the Spiral template and Swirls boards. I wanted to make a chenille jacket and loaded fabric that would be the lining on the backing roller. I cut out the pieces of the jacket and basted them to the lining. I then used the Spiral template and quilted the middle of the jacket back, and the Swirls templates to quilt the remaining parts of the jacket. After assembling the jacket I washed and dried it with two bath towels to fluff the threads. I found that some portions of the quilting left more of the lining exposed on the outside of the jacket than I wanted so I stitched a few more seams until I got the look that I wanted. I think any of the Circle Lord templates that place stitches approximately 1/2 inch apart will work well for this technique.