Tuesday, March 16, 2010

D 270 - Linda Fritchen - Jacob's Ladder - Feather Wreaths

My 5th grade teacher from many years ago found these Jacob's Ladder blocks that her mother had made in the 50's. She asked me to make them into a quilt for her. When I had it together, I posted here for quilting suggestions; but she did know what she wanted when she saw a feather wreath I had done with my 'new Circle Lord template'! She wanted one in each block. It was easy to center and do all 42 of them! The "loopy hearts" worked for her in the sashings because she loved seeing the fabrics from many of her family members together in the quilt. She wanted blue thread on the white backing so the design would show! (Does that take nerve?!!!:o )

block piecer-Eunice Howell
setting piecer- Linda Fritchen
Jacob's Ladder
90 x 102
feather wreath