Wednesday, March 31, 2010

D 370 - Leslie McSorley Giant Swirls


The name of the quilt is Frogs and Bugs. Pieced by Barbara B; Quilted by Leslie McSorley The Crafty Unicorn Quilting. Pattern is unknown and the size is 48" X 60". I used the Giant Swirls template. I love the way the Swirls look like ripples in the water of the pond.

D 369 - Leslie McSorley - Featherz and Micro Featherz

This quilt will be raffled off this summer to benefit a local church. The name of the quilt is Primrose and it is 92" X 116". Pieced by Helen F; Quilted by Leslie McSorley The Crafty Unicorn Quilting; Pattern by Pam Bono. I used CL Featherz and Micro Featherz for quilting.

D 368 - Stewart Van - All Squirkled - Cl Basic

Ok I have one last entry for your challenge. It is called (all squirkled). hope you enjoy it, It was done on fleece light blue top and dark blue on the back. thread was Metro. matching colors each side.

D 367 - Sherri Butler - StarsnFeathers - Lots

Starz-Mini Aztec
Block corners - #6 Squircle
Muslin Blocks - Feathers
Background- 1/4" crosshatch
Border - CL Basic/Blade
Misc. freehand designs added.
Superior Threads - Red Metalic - Star
Rainbows - Salsa - Feather Wreaths, Border & Block corners
So Fine - Diagonal background
Bottom Line - Bobbin (Various colors to match top threads)
Each block is 15 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Top was completely hand sewn by elderly lady.

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D 366 - Sandra Darlington - Featherz

This is a 25 patch, althernating with a plain block. I used the Feather Wreath and stippled around it. 

B 365 - Linnea - Lots!

Used Lots of Boards & Templates!!
This is a customer quilt and it it huge! Well, big. It was pieced by Pat Krier and I quilted it for Chestnut Ridge Sewing in Millersburg, OH.
I used the Featherz Wreath, micro featherz wreath, Aztec, 18" crosshatch, ZigZag board, 7 Treasures board. The only thing I did freehand was the Border that has daisies and leaves. It was a LOT of work!! I did a lot of SID too.
I think it looks wonderful! What do you think??
Thanks fr all your encouragement!! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

D 364 - Shannon Kratochvil - Squirgles

Quilted by Shannon Kratochvil
Pieced by Doris Cox
$5 quilt from LQS
designed by Y. Hays

Used Sqircles to make medallions

G 363 - Sandra Darlington - Baptist Fan template

Another one using the Baptist Fan.

G 362 - Sandra Darlington - Swirls template

Here's a small throw for a wheel chair, using the Swirlz.

D 361 - Sandra Darlington - Tequila Sunrise -Sunburst template

Here is one I made for fun. I called it Tequilla Sunrise (sp?) - no label yet. Have to use spell check first.

I used the Sunburst template.

G 360 - Sandra Darlington - Square Dance template

Here's a fleece throw using the Square Dance. I gave it as donation to be raffled off during a fund raising ice hockey game...The embroidery says "Goals For Giving, 2010."  The red is the back of the quilt.

G 359 - Sandra Darlington - Sakura

Here's a flannel quilt using the Sakura.

B 358 - Sandra Darlington - Baptist Fan-Ginko- Cable

Here's a scrappy log cabin using Thimbleberries fabrics. I used the Baptist Fan in the center of the quilt, the Cable template for the spines of my feathers and a design from the Ginko for the 4 corners.

B 357 - Carmen - 7 Treasures & Diamondz

Red Batik Wholecloth with 7 Treasures & Diamondz

The fabric used in this quilt is Timeless Treasures hand dyed batik. I used two panels and pieced them to make the 60" square quilt. I placed a trio of the elements from the 7 Treasures giant template in each corner and a grouping of four elements in the center of the quilt. I used the front stylus system and the Diamondz template as well as the blade from the basic Circle Lord for the arcs to tie the diamonds, corner and center designs together. I like the 7 Treasures of Buddah template because there is a lot of open area available within the elements for additional quilting and enhancement.

D 356 - Libby Gamble - Arlie's - Aztecs - Mini Feathers - CL

The quilt is 98” x 80”  Stack and Wack on a white background.   The top was done by Arlie and I quilted it for her using the Circle Lord Aztec small and large template and the Mini Feathers/Spider Web template as well as the Circle Lord circle for the little circles.  The border is piano keyed.  I filled in with a stipple.

G355 - Georgene - Fractions - Swirlz

Pattern: Fractions
Pieced by Denise M.
Twin size
Circle Lord Swirlz Giant Template
This was Deb's FIRST QUILT, can you believe it. 

G 354 - Joy - Livinna's - Clams

OK This is the very last one from me
customer quilt
not a very good photo
but it was 55 x50 inches
and I did clam shells on it 

G 353 - Jim Hogen - Leaf Pile - Baptist Fan

The pattern is "Yellow Brick Road"
Quilted with  CL "Baptist fan" template.
Border is panto "Leaf Pile".

D 352 - Donna James - Zen - Gingko - Circles

Zen -Gingko template, circle maker
Pattern from "Making Antique Quilts" by Rita Weiss, Mystery Quilt
Pieced and quilted by Donna James. 72" x 72". I used the Gingko template and circle maker for the solid blocks and the corners. Used the circle maker for the solid inner border. Made a plastic template from the CL mini-Ginko template for the pieced blocks. Japanese taupes fabrics for a different look.All fabric from my stash.

D 371 - Ashley Worthington - Pink Book - Spirals

My stepdaughter's quilt - she finished in the knick of time!  Thanks!
Nicole Worthington
Pieced and quilted by Ashley Worthington to bring to college next year.  The pattern is from a Quilt Pink book and she used the Spiral template with a black/white variegated thread.  Size is approx. 92"x92".  She'll need a HUGE bed in her dorm room! :)