Sunday, January 31, 2010

G 76 - Betty Tyree - QOV - Giant Square Dance

This is one of my favorites. My quilting bee the "Sassy Stitchers" got together and made soldier quilts for veterans and service members in our community. I pulled out my box of 2 1/2 strips and away we sewed. I quilted this large lap quilt with the Square Dance template. The young man was wounded in Iraq and is now attending college in Northern Va.

G 75 - Betty Tyree Large Crosshatch and Push Button Stylus

I used the large crosshatch for diagonal lines in this "Disappearing nine patch " quilt made by Joyce Noell. I use the push button stylus and zip along the quilt mixing with freemotion while standing at the front of the machine. I love the difference in textures . This is a large lap quilt.

B 74 - Betty Tyree Giant Square Dance, Rope, 18" Crosshatch

I used "spots" of the giant templates though out the quilt. I used the rope in various sections of border. I love using the 18" crosshatch templates diagonal lines for borders, sashing and background fill using various lengths and direction. I think it gives a great texture relief along with the freehand. I also discovered using the square dance for the border is fast and funky. I filled the gaps with freehand hearts.This quilt is called "One day in the country is worth a month in town" , by Inigo Junction . This is a folk-art quilt of the month designed by Sarah Sporrer, and was made my sister in- law Natalie Norris of Roanoke, Va.

G 73 - Linnea - Swirls and Snowmen - Swirls

Here is a quilt I did with the Swirls. That is the most versatile board!! I used it on a "beach" type quilt and it looked like shells; now I used it on a snowman quilt and it looks like wind whirling around!! That thing has paid for itself more than once!!

D 72 - Earlean Miller - Sunburst

Earlean used the Sunburst for this quilt.

G 71 - Earlean Miller - Clamshell

Earlean used the Giant Clam for this quilt.

D 70 - Joy - 18" Crosshatch Template

Size: 56 x 68 The name of this pattern is "Girls Day Out" I used the 18" Crosshatch template for the center block. So easy.

G 69 - Joy - Phoebe - Giant Clamshell Template

Size: 58 x 67 - There was no pattern for this quilt It was made with 4 1/2 inch squares. She wrote Phoebe at the bottom. I used the giant Clamshell template.

G 68 - Joy - Giant Baptist Fan quilt

Size 70 x 65 This was a womans very first quilt. There was no specific pattern just various sized squares. I put the giant Baptist Fan on this one.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

G 67 - Helen Hubert - Zig Zag & Wave Quilt

Pieced and quilted by Helen Hubert. Pattern unknown, adapted from a photograph.
Size 65 x 82 Templates used: Zig Zag & Waves
This was a guild challenge called "The Dirty Dozen". One of the fabrics had a lovely hourglass design on it which was the inspiration for using the giant wave template. I offset the wave template by 2 clicks of the rachet on my rollers to get the correct spacing between the designs. After the waves were done, I went back and added a starry design in the center of the hourglass. The border crosshatching was completed with the zig-zag portion of the template.

G 66 - Betty Tyree Giant Swirls Template

I made and quilted this tee-shirt quilt for a graduate student living in a "cold, cold, apartment". The quilt pattern is my own "original", using Quilter Dream wool batting for warmth, and quilted using the Giant Swirls template.

G 65 - Betty Tyree - Square Dance Template

This quilt was found in my nieces Aunt Louisa's attic. It is a full size quilt that was made many years ago and there was a lot of fullness to work with. The Giant Square Dance did and excellent job of distributing the fullness and made this quilt shine.

G 64 - Betty Tyree - Right on Target - Giant Swirls

Gayle Heath and Pat Lingle both made this full size quilt using Kaffe Faucette's book " Country Garden Quilts" using the pattern Right on Target. I thought this quilt was begging for the Giant Swirls.

G 63 - Betty Tyree - Giant Swirls

This quilt is an extra long twin made by Joyce Noell with leftover scraps of batiks. Her inspiration came from a quilt magazine article.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

G 62 - Joy - Candlewick - Rope Border

This is a baby quilt for customer.It is 45 x45 inches and is all candlewick stiching
I used the rope template for the border and stipples around the pictures

D 61 - Joy - Curved Crosshatch

This was a customers quilt I did cross hatch, curved cross hatch, one way and multi patterns through the quilt

D 60 - Joy - Charity quilt - Spirals

This was a quilt which was being given to a charity for battered women
I didn't make the quilt. Itis 70 x 65 inches and I did Spirals all over it 1 inch, 1/2
inch and small spirals as well

Monday, January 25, 2010

G 59 - Joy - 7 Treasures of Buddah

7 Treasures of Buddah Template. This quilt is 59 x59 inches

G 58 - Joy -Aftrican Quilt - Zig Zag

Customer Quilt 71 x71 inches. She called it her African Quilt
I did zig zag pattern in border using giant template, and the Aztec bowl template with micro stippling

Close Up of Zig Zag Border

D 57 - Gable - Baby Quilt - Ovals - Diamondz - Feathers

This is a baby quilt that I did for this challenge using the ovals, diamonds and feather wreath templates. In the border I used the giant clam. Size 40" x 50"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

D 56 - Judy Nolan - Circles

Pieced by Dianna Welbon, Design - to be advised. Quilted by Judy Nolan using Circle Lord Circles and a custom border - inspired by Barb Cowan of Queensland, after attending a class with Barb. Approx 60" x 54"
Click on Picture to Enlarge

G 55 - Judy Nolan - Swirls - For Exhibition

Pieced and Quilted by Judy Nolan. For a quilt exhibition a group of Western Australian Longarm quilters each made a quilt of the same design (a 9 patch from a magazine, sorry can't remember which one). We could choose our own colours, we then quilted them to show how quilting made a difference to the finished product. My allocation was an allover design. I chose my favourite, Circle Lord Giant Template - interlocking swirls. Quilt approx 38" square.

G 54 - Judy Nolan - Dianna's - Swirls

Pieced by Dianna Welbon. Design source - to be advised. Quilted by Judy Nolan using Circle Lord giant template - Interlocking Swirls. Quilt approx 47" x 54".

G 53 - Judy Nolan - Hot Possums Designs -Swirls

Applique and piecing by The Grass Patch Patchers Quilting Group. Design by Hot Possum Designs, Wembley, West Australia. Quilted by Judy Nolan using the Circle Lord Giant Template - Interlocking Swirls. Made for a young handicapped boy in our community, the joy of giving it to him bought smiles and tears all round. Approx 60" x 80".

D 52 - Judy Nolan - Fund Raiser -Featherz

Quilt pieced and quilted by Judy Nolan. 9 patch design. Quilt approx 60" x 80". Quilted using Circle Lord feather wreath and feather border. This quilt was made and quilted very quickly, and raised A$950.00 at a fund raising auction for a young male friend (17 yrs old) who became quadraplegic after a motorcycle accident.

G 51 - Judy Nolan - Jan Turley - Baptist fan

Quilt pieced by Jan Turley. Design from a class at Country Patchwork Cottage, Balcatta, Western Australia. Approx 85" x 97". Quilted by Judy Nolan using Circle Lord Giant Template - Baptist Fans.