Sunday, February 28, 2010

D 188 - Joyce Coburn - Featherz Wreath and Gingko

This is my first quilt with the Featherz Mini Wreath and the Ginko disc. This is a Dragon Fly quilt 66" x 66" square. All of the blocks are 6" each. I am very tickled with the end product.

D 187 - Stuart Van's Hospice Feathers Quilt

Here is one more quilt using a Circlelord template. It is the feathers template, and it is used all over including the border. It is also hospice quilt. I was given 4 of these to do, and I did 2 of them for this challenge. so here are the pics. Stewyscrewy

Note the 1/2 feather wreaths in the border

G186 - Joy - Blacknwhite - Swirls

customer quilt 75 x 70 inches
I did swirls all over

G 185 - Joy - Aboriginal Swirls quilt

Customer Quilt 63 x 72.5 inches
using Aboriginal Material from Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Looks Great
I did swirls all over

G 184 - Marie Miller - Swirlz

This is my very first quilt using my brand new Swirlz big template. I love the result on this modern quilt.

G 183- Cory - Crosshatch and applique

APPLIQUEd, I used the Circle Lord Big cross hatch board and Push Button for diagonals around the applique and for the border.

G 182 - Caroline - Swirls Quilt

Another "Swirls" Quilt

Saturday, February 27, 2010

D 181 - Penny Stephenson - Spiro Thingy

I just finished this quilt yesterday. I have had my CL for about a month. I figured I would start easy, besides this quilt needed something simple. The quilt is called Grandmothers Diamond Ring. I used Deb Levy's instructions for the border arcs and then I used the Spiro thingy for the motifs in the center of the hexagons. It measures 84 x 96.

D 180 - Joy - Sm.Crosshatcdh and Heart templates

Customer quilt
55 x 45 inches used the 18 inch crosshatch template for the border and some lines in one panel
also used the small heart template in second block bottom right in the centre if you can see that

G 179 - Joy - Swirls

customer quilt
again used the swirls pattern
this quilt was 75 x 65 inches

G 177 - Corey's Asian Trip - Swirls

Asian Trip around the world
Click to enlarge

B 178 - Barbara - Swirls / Crosshatch Quilt

Floppy Stripped Baby Quilt built on Longarm (Debbie Wendt's technique); binding applied on Longarm; CL Swirls in Center, CL Crosshatching in border; minkee backing; no batting (lots of texture, but not so much quilting definition).

D 176 - Corey's Yurt Panel - Spirals

Corey's Yurt Panel, I designed and pieced this piece, finizhed size is 54 x 30, its going to Scotland and will be exhibited to several places in UK, as part of exhibit C/O Linzi Upton, APQS dealer/educator in UK andchatroom member

G 175 - Anita Owen - Baptist Fan on Baby Quilt

Baptist Fan on Flannel Baby quilt.

D174 - Michelle G - Dana's - Spirals

D 173 -Michelle G - Spirals all over Crown Royal

D 172 - - Linnea - Lake Farm - Sqircles for Circles

Here are pictures of a quilt I did, and entered into a small show at Lake Farm Park. They only accept 225 quilts.I used the Squircles to do the circles, and it came out beautiful. I won 1st place in bed, small category.

Friday, February 26, 2010

D 171 - Carmen - Radiating Heat - Sunburst Template

Heat Wave with Sunburst template

This quilt was pieced using two batik panels and the finished size is 60 x 60. I quilted it using the Sunburst template with a complete sunburst in the center, and lesser sunbursts in each corner. The arcs on the sides were made with the basic Circle Lord and rays from the Sunburst template were added. The color of the fabric is hot red/orange and I did a background filler that continued the idea of a hot sun with heat radiating from all directions.

G 170 - Cory Stark - Asian Curves - Swirlz

Asian Curves, I used CL Swirlz Board

D 169 - Corey - Dresden Plate - Crosshatch - Featherz

Here is my entry to Circle Lord Challenge, my Dresden Plate, ribbon winner last January at Cotton Patch Quilter of Kern County Juried show for Mixed Techniques.
I used the small CL Crosshatch and the CL Featherz templates.

G 168 - Marjorie Wakefield - Disappearing 9 Patch - Sakura

This is a Disappearing 9 patch, quilted with Sakura pattern board, freehand feathers. It is 90 x90. Debbi Crain pieced and I quilted.

D 167 - Joy - Spiral in Center Quilt

Customer quilt 55 x 50 inches
I did the spiral in the centre of the star

G 166 - Joy - Swirls Template

Customer quilt was huge 112 x 115 inches
I did swirls all over love that template

D 165 - Joy - Small Animal Quilt - Starz - Tiles

Customer Quilt
Small Panel then she put 2 borders around it
about 45 x 35 inches
I stitched in ditch around animals then used the star template and put stars in the sky
then used the tile template and piano keyed the blue stripe on the border

Thursday, February 25, 2010

D 164 - Vicki Maloney - Primrose Quilt - 16" Featherz Template

Well I have finally finished this first customer quilt with my CL....

Pattern is called "Primrose" from "The Big Book of Rotary Quilts" by Pam Bono
Pieced by my Customer Kathy Smith
Quilted with the CL 16" Featherz Template by Vicki Maloney

G 163 - Georgene - Just Made up - Swirls Quilt

A young music teacher made this quilt, her first, and she didn't even use a pattern. She said she "just made it up."

She didn't know how to bind it, so asked that I do that too. She was so proud of this quilt and loved how it turned out. Said the quilting really made it a quilt. She wanted it for she and her husband to sleep under.