Sunday, February 21, 2010

D 147 - Randi - For the Love of Eleanor Quilt - Aztec - Cl Circles

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I finally got some pics of the whole quilt. It's from Eleanor Burns' Still Stripping book...and I'm calling this one "For the Love of Eleanor" because I get lots more quilts made with her quick piecing patterns, and I love her books. It's about 110"X110" big. I used the Aztec and mini-Aztec templates, as well as the basic unit with the 12" and 6" squircles. The sun-like motifs, and the 9P motif, were done with the templates, the inner circles inside the suns were done with the squircles. The border design was done with the basic unit and 12" squircle...corner border motif was with the Aztec and squircles. I think that's it...So Fine thread and QD wool batting...quilted on my A1.