Monday, February 15, 2010

G 124 - Georgene Hugget - Pansy Cross - Zig Zag Template

Pansy Cross Stitch Crosshatch

I inherited these Pansy Cross Stitch blocks.

My freind allowed me to look through her bag of fabrics and such that she would be placing on the freebie table at our guild. We share like this all the time.

In that bag, I found these cross stitch blocks. They were all wrinkled up, had been washed, and of course the ends were frayed from the washing. They had been given to her some time ago. The old quilt pattern was even still with the pieces. And we even know who stitched the blocks. She is deceased; her son is about 80 years old now.

Since piecing is not my thing, I thought I could make a quilt easily from these blocks.

So I took the blocks home, pressed them, cut them all to size, found the perfect green fabric in my stash, and did a simple crosshatch quilting design -- using Circle Lord Zig Zag template. It only took me a couple hours to quilt it. It's about 70" square.

Since taking these pictures I have bound it with a green and purple fabric that really accentuates the Pansies.

I have fallen in love with the quilt. We've had so much snow and ice lately, this quilt reminds me that Springtime will be here eventually.