Monday, February 15, 2010

G 125 - Georgene Huggett - Flower Fun - 7 Treasures

Budha's Flowers

This 33" x 44" quilt required NO PIECING. I layered it as usual, except I used two top fabrics over the batting and backing. The bottom of the two tops is a colorful batik.

Then I quilted it with the 7 Treasures of Budha template.

Then I randomly marked with school chalk the "flowers" I wanted to cut out.

Then I cut the top fabric only about 1/4 or so from the stitched lines and clipped the edges to help them fray.

Then I washed and dried it and wow, I think I like it. And what an easy way to make a quick yet interesting quilt. I love the no piecing part.