Saturday, February 6, 2010

G 100 - Georgene Huggett - Haloween Weave - Square Dance

A customer quilt (Deb G.) made from a pattern from the book: "Laps from Fats". It's about 55 x 72 as I recall.

I used the Square Dance template. The customer works in a quilt shop in Pennsylvania, and she opened the box there, after getting it in the mail. She said I had it folded so that the back was showing first, and everyone ooohed and ahhhed, when seeing the design on the back, so I thought I should include a picture of the back too.

Since the backing was black, and I didn't have any black batting, I used a dark color 100% wool blanket I bought at a yard sale (which I had washed). She sold the quilt to a man for $300, a week or two after I mailed it back to her. So she was very happy.